The simple truth is that all bourbons are created from the same five sources of flavor.

What sets Woodford Reserve apart is the way they coax something special from each one. We wanted to give craft bourbon lovers the tools to experience all of these subtle flavor nuances and gain a deeper love for Woodford Reserve.

01 Flavor Memories

"Flavor is a personal thing."

 Chris Morris Woodford Reserver ​Master Distiller

Everyone has created their own flavor memory based on the different tastes and aromatics they have experienced throughout their life.

When you drink Woodford Reserve, your flavor memory will associate what you taste with the flavors you are already familiar with, and perhaps become acquainted with some that are new to you.

They presented us with their Flavor Wheel, a tasting tool designed to educate and coach consumers about the range of notes that can be found in their product.

How could we combine this information with the heritage and process from the distillery, and a sense of expertise from the people who craft this bourbon?

Could we design a home tasting experience that could be held in the palm of your hand?

02 The Tasting App

We created a three-act story based around Learning, Tasting, and Cocktails. The Learning Flow sets the stage by transporting you to Kentucky through beautiful photography and stories about the rich heritage of the distillery grounds. We take our guests through a digital tour on the Five Sources of Flavor.

The Tasting Flow is a step-by-step process that walks our aspiring bourbon connoisseur through a food-paired tasting designed to bring specific nuances of Woodford Reserve to light (and delight!).

Our team did extensive research to create a unique, easily digestible glossary of flavors, palate cues, and descriptions with custom made icons to help consumers build a language around the things they experience in the tasting. The final section is based around sharing recipes for delicious Woodford Reserve cocktails.

03 A deeper appreciation

Craft bourbon is complex. So much goes into the creation of every drop of Woodford Reserve that it is impossible to take it all in with just a swig. By creating a simple, active, and pleasurable experience of knowing and tasting more from a glass of Woodford Reserve, we can deepen loyalty and drive conversation around a truly great product and brand.