Founded in 1892, Vogue is the definitive reference for what is “in style.” But with a site that primarily served as a customer relations site to sell print subscriptions, they were in need of a makeover.

Working closely with the Vogue team, and under the astute eye of Anna Wintour herself, we set out to create an experience that leveraged Vogue’s authority as an arbiter of taste, with an equally glamorous aesthetic.

From a content strategy perspective, we advised Vogue to leverage their position as a tastemaker to create differentiation from properties such as, which were covering designers exhaustively. Instead, the new collections vertical offered a curated look at the season’s most talked about looks.

Behind the scenes, the new Vogue experience is powered by a custom CMS, which is tailored to the way Vogue’s editorial staff publish content. By working closely with the Vogue team to understand their workflow and existing pain points, we created a back-end experience that allowed them to efficiently maintain the new experience without a significant increase in staff resources.

Code and Theory

The redesigned creates a feeling of exclusive access with vivid full-screen photos, combined with rich, contextual sponsorships that are closely aligned with Vogue’s position as a prestige brand.

As a result, traffic to the site is up more than 500%, with some of the highest engagement levels in the space. Upon its launch, the site received numerous awards including multiple Webbys, and has set the standard for what a luxury fashion publishing experience should be.