Founded in 1969 by pop artist Andy Warhol, Interview Magazine features conversations between some of the most creative minds from the worlds of fashion, art and entertainment.

In 2012, we were asked to begin our second redesign of, with a focus on surfacing content in a rich and visual way while exploring ways to monetize traffic across all sections of the site. We took this as an opportunity to push things even further than we were able to on our first redesign of the publication a few years earlier.

By applying careful focus to create a typographically considered, image-driven experience, the new maintains the glossy, high-fashion feel of the print publication. And with dynamic galleries, visitors can easily explore images throughout the various sections of the site, across articles, verticals, and Interview’s rich archive of photography and video.

From a content and monetization perspective, since we knew that the average Interview visitor came to the site to explore content without a clear objective or specific site section in mind, the new was created to allow for seamless scrolling between music, fashion, film, culture, nightlife, art, and archived content. By generating a URL refresh as a user scrolls down the page and across each of Interview’s eight content sections—and by locking the ad inventory under the vertical header—the site is able to generate 8x the ad impressions from a single user. As a user moves down the page, the latest and most important content from each section is exposed, giving readers a sense of the editorial agenda without ever needing to make a decision about which content to dive into.

The redesigned was an immediate hit with both it’s readers and the design press. And the success has been maintained. Readership is increasing, time on site is up 3X from it’s pre-launch levels, and the ad experience is more enticing to both readers and advertisers.

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