In 1994 Calvin Klein launched CKONE, a unisex fragrance that embodied the raw, youthful androgyny of the early 90’s. Seventeen years later, Calvin Klein re-launched CKONE as a lifestyle brand expanding the line to include underwear and jeans as well as the iconic fragrance. CK recognized they had to once again create a campaign that was both culturally relevant, groundbreaking and meaningful for 2011's superconnected youth.

The brand engaged Steven Meisel, the famous American photographer from the first campaign, to shoot 26 cast members over four days in a New York City studio. The resulting footage was a celebration of unity; despite differing backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences we all share commonalities.

Calvin Klein turned to Code and Theory to evolve their creative vision into a digital experience across multiple channels that would be highly participatory and socially relevant for 18-25 year olds around the world. 

The result was one of Calvin Klein’s biggest marketing campaigns to date:

ONLINE ADS – primarily consisting of video footage from that campaign, tempted users to like CK on Facebook in order to reveal more content.

A CUSTOM FACEBOOK TAB – displayed branded content from the campaign and encouraged users to submit their own content.

MOBILE APPS –  allowed users to scan billboards and print ads to unlock hidden footage and bring static images to life. 

A WEBSITE – displayed branded content, showcased products and recorded user generated content in 11 languages. 

DIGITAL CONTENT – at CKONE EVENTS around the world prompted event goers to record their own content and created a live branded environment. 

Overall, the digital campaign channels combined to create a single experience where content was seamlessly created and displayed across the website, live events, Facebook page and mobile devices. The resulting campaign was relevant, responsive and reflective of a generation that doesn’t want to be talked at by brands, but wants to collaborate and create the conversation.