Apr 24 2014

NEW YORK — Prong today unveiled the Prong PWR Case, the world’s only all-in-one power solution for the iPhone 5/5s, designed in concert with creative agency Code and Theory

At its core, the Prong PWR Case solves a real-world problem in a way that no other product can. It’s an all-in-one protective iPhone case that integrates a backup battery and foldable prongs, compactly providing power all day for even the most demanding user. The case is now available for pre-order at a special price of $65 and will launch at Best Buy this summer.

In collaboration with Prong, Code and Theory designed and developed the product design from concept to implementation; integrating industrial design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing implementation and packaging.

“It was a seamless partnership,” said Geoff Baldwin, Head of Industrial Design at Code and Theory. “Early on, we recognized that Prong had a true passion for understanding their customers. The design of their newest product reflects every use case you can imagine, and it’s these details that will take Prong from a clever startup to a truly user-centered brand.”

Code and Theory approached the design of the Prong PWR case with an “every line is there for a reason” philosophy, which manifested itself in features like:

The shape of the back pillow
Where most protective cases feature an oval cut-out for the camera lens, the back of the new Prong PWR Case was sliced to eliminate the problem of glare in photos. At the same time, the design creates an iconic aesthetic that celebrates the iPhone's premium finish.

Code and Theory worked with Prong to creatively engineer the product to separate so that the phone is usable while the battery is plugged into the wall. It’s a functional design feature that completely eliminates the need for an iPhone charging cable.

“The launch of the Prong PWR Case represents more than just building a beautiful, functional product that could potentially be used by millions of people – it was about solidifying Prong as a powerful brand,” said Prong co-founder Jesse Pliner. “Code and Theory did a fantastic job bringing our vision to life in a design that truly complements the beautiful aesthetic of the iPhone itself.”

The Prong PWR Case, with 1500 Mah capacity, available in black, white, blue-grey and white-pink, will ship in Summer 2014 can be pre-ordered now for a special price of $65 at www.prong.com. At launch the case will be $79.99.

Photos of the Prong PWR Case can be seen at prong.com/press.

About Code and Theory
Code and Theory is a creative company that designs products and brand experiences across platforms. With offices in New York, San Francisco, and London, the agency works with a diverse set of brands including Dr Pepper Snapple Group, BURGER KING®, Vogue, SiriusXM, Mashable, BBC, and NY.gov, and many others. Additional information is available at www.codeandtheory.com.

About Prong
Prong is a dynamic company dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative accessories for electronic devices. Based in New York City, the Prong team is passionate about design. Our flagship product – the PocketPlug – is the world's only mobile phone case with an integrated charger. As we grow we will continue to innovate and maintain our focus on elegant design. More information is available at www.prong.com

Kayla Zerby
Code and Theory

Glenn Mandel
Sparkpr for Prong