Sep 10 2013

Movable Type just released an announcement detailing the new, built by Code and Theory:

NEW YORK – Movable Type, the legendary blogging platform developed by Six Apart, announced today a series of new partnerships as well as two newly-launched websites.

These various efforts kick start a "Movable Type Creating Momentum" campaign in North America and are designed to re-establish Movable Type's foothold as the premier content management and blogging platform, particularly among mid-market and enterprise businesses. Movable Type seeks to reignite the passion of bloggers and developers by giving them a strong alternative to CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and ExpressionEngine. Founded in 2001, Movable Type is Six Apart's flagship web publishing and blogging software, trusted by many of the world's largest media companies and Fortune 100 businesses, and power bloggers who use the software to build their websites, blogs and other online properties.

"We know we have an uphill battle to re-establish our foothold in North America but we believe in our product, our perseverance, and the partnerships we have formed to strengthen our commitment and visibility in the North America market," said Robert Minton, General Manager of North America at Six Apart. "We were one of the early innovators in this space and it's time we bring this world-class publishing software back to prominence. The road will be bumpy, but with the partnerships we have developed, the business plan we have in place, and the ongoing commitment by our development team in Japan, we are confident that we will prove our ability to deliver a vastly improved experience to all users of Movable Type."

One of the most significant moves that Movable Type is making is the opening of its new North American headquarters, located at New York City's Fueled Collective co-working space which is home to more than 20 innovative start-ups, including former alumni Thrillist, Foursquare and Ticketfly. "Fueled Collective is a hotbed of entrepreneurship and innovation and this energetic and passionate environment is the right place for us to rekindle the pioneering mentality that got us started in the first place," Minton said. "Just being in a collaborative and creative work space with some of Manhattan's hippest companies, breeds innovation and fosters creativity and productivity."

In addition, Movable Type has signed on with a series of marketing partners to accelerate and advance the delivery of Movable Type to make it a more accessible solution in the market:

601am, a Movable Type premier solution partner, just completed development of, which launched today and will serve as the new community site for Movable Type users. The new site brings Movable Type developers closer together and will keep them up to date on the latest news and plug-ins, in addition to providing a home to much improved software documentation. As a premier Six Apart support and services partner, 601am has a long history developing and supporting websites built on the Movable Type platform, including the Washingtonian magazine's award winning website.

Nebo Agency
To support Movable Type's marketing efforts in North America, the company has engaged with digital marketing agency, Nebo Agency, to develop and execute campaigns that will reach users throughout their decision cycle through both earned and paid efforts.

Movable Type is also partnering with ArckCloud, a Portland, Oregon-based managed cloud hosting provider that will make it easier to begin using Movable Type by offering a hosted and managed version of the software. This will make it virtually a one-click install to get up and running on Movable Type. For those users that want to manage Movable Type on their own, but don't want to spend the time installing it on a server, Movable Type Pro will also be made available in the Amazon Marketplace this fall.

Code and Theory
The new website, built by Code and Theory, offers an improved software purchasing experience and enhanced content to better educate Movable Type customers.

"Our work with market leaders 601am and Nebo ensures that we'll deliver a state-of-the-art web publishing platform, ready for video and other integrated features," said Nobuhiro Seki, Six Apart CEO. "Self-hosting gives authors more control and ownership over what they create. In the end - you are the owner, not the product."

Six Apart will sponsor the 2013 Pivot Conference at Social Week in New York City, on October 15th and 16th, 2013. During the event, developers will have the opportunity to interact and engage with the latest version of the blogging platform, explore valuable add-ons to extend the usability of the platform, and experience a series of speaker presentations from industry luminaries addressing a wide range of topics relevant to blogging and content management. In addition, CEO Nobuhiro Seki will share the company's latest news updates from the event floor and conduct a series of roundtable discussions with industry influencers.

"We are committed to the North American market and have committed the resources, formed our first round of partnerships, to ensure the do-it-yourself developer or corporate IT team has improved access to Movable Type and self-serve resources including our new website and our new developer website,," said Minton. "But it doesn't stop there - we have already started the process of working with Dan Wolfgang of uiNNOVATIONS on improving our documentation and user's guide, to make it easier to use, extend, and work with Movable Type. We are not done, we are just getting started, we will continue to improve all customer and developer touch points, with the goal of making Movable Type easier to use, develop, and manage great content."

About Movable Type
Movable Type is Six Apart's flagship publishing and blogging software product, launched in 2001. Today, this robust social publishing platform powers some of the websites and blogs of the world's largest media companies and Fortune 100 businesses, small and medium sized businesses, and power bloggers. Movable Type excels as a fully integrated, scalable, proven social publishing platform upon which to build highly interactive websites, blogs and social networks. For more information, visit

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