Dec 23 2013

Core77, one of the most influential sites for designers around the world, was struck by our latest Snapple Re-enFACTment featuring Grammy-nominated producer j.viewz. (Design blogs PSFK and The Inspiration also dug it.

As part of the digital campaign, the renowned musician teamed up with Björk's musical roboticist Andy Cavatorta and Austrian uber-percussionist Manu Delago to bring the fact on the bottom of his Snapple cap to life. Core77 described it as a "Rube Goldberg-esque musical apparatus" that's operated by the speed of raindrops. 

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"Snapple's series definitely makes it easier for us visual types to remember ridiculous little trivia answers."

 Erika Rae Core77
Code and Theory
Snapple Real Fact #453 Re-enFACTed by j.viewz
j.viewz makes music using rain drops for Real Fact 453.

#453 “Raindrops can fall as fast as 20 miles per hour.”

A device called an “organic looper” that uses the speed and weight of rain to create beautiful music. Click here to watch the video on