May 22 2013

Code and Theory partners Dan Gardner and Steve Baer took part in Internet Week New York, the annual festival celebrating New York City's web industry and community.

Gardner joined designers and publishing innovators in a discussion about how design impacts the newsroom, and Baer joined digital advertising luminaries for a debate on how creatives can improve creativity in digital advertising, particularly in mobile. 

01 How Design Impacts the Newsroom

Does Design Impact the Newsroom?
Publishing innovators from USA Today, Forbes, Quartz, Mashable, the Guardian, & Code and Theory discuss

The conversation in the newsroom is shifting.

In 2013 alone, more publishers have embraced responsive design across all screens, adopting new commenting platforms and sharing technologies, and introducing richer content offerings for readers. Debates around “mobile first” and “less is more” are heating up in newsrooms around the world, but what we're just learning now is how these design and tech decisions impact the traditional editorial system. 

Dan Gardner, Code and Theory's co-founder and Creative Director, UX, joined Larry Kramer of USA TODAY, Kevin Delaney of Quartz, Adam Ostrow of Mashable and Alex Breuer of The Guardian, to explore this issue. Jeff Bercovici of Forbes moderated.

Following the discussion, Adweek published an article about many of the topics raised in the discussion, like the challenges and opportunities in switching to responsive design.

Click here to watch the video recording of the panel.

02 Why Can't We Make Better Ads?

A state of the union: Digital ads
Reps from Vibrant Media, SpinMedia, Deep Focus, Mashable and Code and Theory duke it out

Why is it that few ads today have the iconic power and cultural resonance of those created during the golden age of TV and print?

What constitutes a good ad in today’s digital/social universe? Is it all numbers and data, or does creativity have a role in blockbuster campaigns today?

Steve Baer, Managing Partner of the Brand Design Group at Code and Theory, joined Vibrant Media CEO Cella Irvine, SpinMedia CFO Doug Rohrer, Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer to discuss where we've been and what's next for digital advertising.

Click here to watch a video recording of the panel discussion.