Aug 21 2013

Code and Theory
Kenny Mayne
The latest Snapple Re-enFACTment collaborator

According to Snapple Real Fact #376, the "high five" was introduced by a professional baseball player in 1977.

Since then, we've all witnessed the emergence of high five imitators, like the fist bump and the chest bump.

It's why sports history buff Kenny Mayne teamed up with Snapple this week: To preserve the sanctity of the high-five.

In an online video released this week, Mayne teaches proper high-five etiquette and recounts how a day in the park with his daughter inspired the formation of the official Kenny Mayne National High-Five Preservation Society. (So far, he's the only member).

It's the latest piece from our Snapple Re-enFACTments campaign, where creative personalities re-enFACT their interpretations of Real Facts from the cap.

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