Jul 11 2013

Code and Theory
Snapple Real Fact #238
Presented by The 25th Annual Ostrich Festival

Snapple Real Fact #238 says "An ostrich's brain is smaller than its eye."

To prove that the true measurement of a champion isn't the size of its brain, Snapple and Code and Theory traveled to the 25th Annual Great American Ostrich Race in Chandler, AZ to get some heartfelt perspective behind this little-known fact.

What they found is the touching story of how ostrich trainer Steve Boger trained Julio -- his prized racing ostrich -- to be “The Greatest Show on Dirt.” The 6-min documentary -- 365:Neck and Neck -- launched this week.

mediabistro's Agency Spy reviewed the online spot this morning.

(The Arizona Republic and The East Valley Tribune newspapers also got in on the action.)

The video is part of the "Snapple Re-enFACTments" digital campaign, which features interesting collaborators bringing Snapple’s Real Facts to life.