May 22 2013

"Publishers love responsive design, but there are imperfections," wrote Adweek reporter David Taintor, who attended our Internet Week panel in New York yesterday on How Design Impacts the Newsroom.

His piece honed in on one of the key topic of the discussions: Have publishers completely embraced the benefits of responsive design? It depends on who you ask.

"We've found responsive design super effective both for our reporters and our storytelling, but also for our readers and how they can engage with the site."

 Adam Ostrow Chief Strategy Officer, Mashable

Click here to read Taintor's piece, which features insights from all six speakers, including Forbes reporter Jeff Bercovici, USA Today president and publisher Larry Kramer, Quartz Editor-in-Chief Kevin Delaney, Mashable's Chief Strategy Officer Adam Ostrow, The Guardian's Creative Director Alex Breuer, and Code and Theory co-founder Dan Gardner.

Click here to view a recording of the entire panel discussion.